Living to Write (or, it's what we do with the downtime that matters): in Adventures in YA Publishing

Friday, July 17, 2015

When Adventures in YA Publishing invited me to write a craft essay, it took me some time to center in on a topic. The truth is, I haven't been writing a whole lot lately. I've been spending time with my father. Spending time with my friends. Thinning out my house to be sure that it holds only things I feel are essential. Reflecting on this career, this publishing life, next steps.

Turns out, that waiting and living was my topic after all. Today, at YA, I'm thinking out loud about what we do with all that time when we aren't actually writing. How not writing (at least for a while) has improved my books. How not writing makes us more alive to what might (at some point) be written about.

My full thoughts are here. Thank you, Adventures in YA Publishing.


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