a first award for my husband, the potter

Thursday, July 16, 2015

How proud I was this evening to accompany my husband to the Wayne Art Center (about which I have written here), where he won a first award—a student award—for his work, "Industrial Landscape." This is an evolution of work that is exquisitely considered and well made, and a happy validation of the long hours he spends planning and building these pieces.

For a glimpse at an earlier collection, please go here.

So I got all dressed up. Wore heels for the first time in forever. Almost fell off the heels. Had fun seeing two of my own pieces on display. Which I'd entered just for fun, though, once I got there and saw the serious talent, I died a thousand deaths, then decided to stop dying and had the aforementioned (twice) fun. I don't think I'm good at this. Seriously. It's just — a community. I love the community. And sometimes the glaze does nice things.

So, hats off to my husband. I honor the originality of his vision. And the care with which he builds things.


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