Essential Earth: An upcoming show, and a gift, thanks to ceramicist Brett Thomas

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Could you, I am often asked. Read a manuscript, forge a bridge, write something short, write something long, blog, write a script, step inside, make it quick, grab a headline, do. I run about, a circus act. Or I sit and try.

But every now and then, someone with great talent comes along with a dream, a hope, a possibility that needs to be whispered forward with words. That was the case a few weeks ago, when the beloved ceramicist and teacher, Brett Thomas, called to talk about an idea he's had for a long time now—an invitational exhibition, "Essential Earth," that would bring together the work of leading ceramic artists who, by creating outside categories, meld the power of vessels with the artistry of sculptural clay.

Brett is thinking of artists such as Chris Gustin, Dan Anderson, Gay Smith, Suze Lindsay, Fong Choo, Scott Ross, and Paul Eshelman. He's committed to bringing them together in April/May 2017 at the very gorgeous Wayne Art Center, in Wayne, PA, which has long been the site of renowned exhibitions, juried shows, and exceptional events, including "CraftForms," now in its 22nd year. All Brett really needed were a few words. I gladly helped him find them.

But then what rarely happens in my life happened; Brett said thank you with this gift, above. It's one of his own beautiful pieces—a trencher, as he calls them. Modeled after the vessels once used to feed the medieval poor, it opens like an oyster to the eye, or the ridge of a volcano. Brett took it from his own home so that I might have it here, in mine. A generosity I am not accustomed to. A gift I'll always treasure.

Essential Earth. Look for it next spring.


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