all ready for the sea (Juncture Workshops)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What a time it has been. What lessons still rush in, at any age.

In the deep mist and midst, we prepare for our nine writers, soon to join us by the sea for the second Juncture Memoir Workshop. I have read their beautiful early essays. I have learned about their hopes as writers. I have added Springsteen and White and a Nest to a reading list, transformed assignments, reassigned hours of the day, and now we look ahead to waves and weather and community, eager for all the good that will come.

And good shall come.


AnnMarie said...

I am ready, extremely excited, and, I must admit, apprehensive. I have purchased Springsteen, but he is on hold so I can concentrate on Jahren. The sea is calling.

Unknown said...

I'm so excited I can barely sleep! I've been waiting for the right author to learn from and I met her in SH this summer. Ready to feed my dreams. Love how Hope Jehren's writing became more intense as she began to reveal herself.

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