The Heart is Not a Size: An Educator's Day and a Launch Party

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The news from Juarez grows ever-harder to bear. This week, three U.S. Consulate Workers were murdered. Two were Americans, a couple shot down while returning from a child's birthday party. Their brutal murder left their own child orphaned in the back of their car.


I am eager to talk about this place, Juarez. Eager for The Heart is Not a Size to be released on March 30th. Eager to raise more awareness about what is happening, south of the El Paso border, where every life means something, where every life should be safeguarded.

I am grateful, therefore, to Maureen Montecchio, the community relations manager at Barnes & Noble Devon, who invited me to join her wonderful group of educators and librarians at her store on April 13th, at 3:30 PM. If you can, I'd love for you to be there.

I am grateful, too, to writer and teacher (and mom extraordinaire) Elizabeth Mosier, who reached out and said, We should have a party. She'd been saying that for months, but I'd been deflecting. Finally, she went ahead, she talked to folks, she circled back. We're having the party on April 20th in Haverford, at the beloved Children's Book World, 7 PM. We are going to have cake, because we love cake. We are going to talk about Juarez, because it matters, and about teens, like the two in my book, who hide dangerous secrets from each other. We hope that you will find time to be there with us.


Lilian Nattel said...

I'm sure that it will be an exciting (and tasty) event.

Mandy said...

Your novel opened my eyes to what was happening in Juarez and I think it's wonderful that you'll get a chance to talk to audiences about your book and your experiences in Juarez.

Liviania said...

Every time I get a new notice in my inbox warning not to travel to Ciudad Juarez for Spring Break, it's heartbreaking. And it's crazy how to think that my friends who live near the border (in Laredo and such) are safe, but that there's so much danger on the other side - and people much like my friends who have nothing to do with the violence have to live there. It's terrible.

Elizabeth Mosier said...

I am SO there! With my wonderful Writing for Children students! Can't wait!

CK said...

Just thought I should officially say hello...I am in Elizabeth Mosier's writing for children class! My name is Clara, and I look forward to meeting you (and am currently reading Nothing but Ghosts)! :)

septembermom said...

How exciting! I wish I lived closer so I could join you during that wonderful event. Enjoy Beth!

LisaSam said...

Hi Beth,
I will try to get to the Haverford signing with my kids. But first--are you planning any reading in NJ, which would be more convenient?

Beth F said...

Wish I could be there. I'm still trying to arrange things so I can be in Philly on April 17 or 18.

BTW: my sunrise photo was taken last Sept.!

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