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Sunday, March 14, 2010

It was Maya Ganesan who asked me once (during a readergirlz chat) if I would ever consider writing fantasy—something within the supernatural vein.

I said, I don't know how.

It was hipwritermama who said, I bet you could.

I'd said that before—I don't know how. I'd said it about memoir, about young adult fiction, about poetry. I'd said it about corporate fable and novels for adults. I'd said it about being a mother. I But questions open doors. Would you ever consider...?

Lately, I have.

Inspired by a recent conversation I had with a certain someone from the world of film, inspired by Maya and bolstered by hipwritermama, I have just sent the first 77 pages of a supernatural mystery to my agent.

I think I'm onto something. I am hoping. It can be very difficult, as a writer, to keep your hopes alive. But I'm alive right now. Very much so.

Time, this rainy Sunday, to return my thoughts to corporate work.


Priya said...

That's so exciting! I knew you could do it. Hopefully we will see some of it soon...?

Amy said...

That is VERY exciting! Hope it's a go! :) I think you can do anything!

Vivian said...

This post just makes me smile. Can't wait to see what kind of world you created.

I knew you could.

Maya Ganesan said...

YES! :) I'm beyond thrilled to be a part of your venture into fantasy - it's going to be amazing for sure.

I'm hoping that this is published and we get to read it. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Lilian Nattel said...

Wow. That's impressive.

Karen Mahoney said...

I am glad that the wise Vivian (and my namesake) helped to inspire you. :)

Beth, I will be hoping to see a snippet of your supernatural mystery here... one day.

Inkgirl said...

This gives me hope. Every time I try fantasy, it ends up borrowing from HP and sounding unoriginal.

Diane said...

Maybe you've found your new calling. It will be exciting to see what comes of it. :O)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I believe you can do supernatural or fantasy ... or magical realism. (I always think of Alice Hoffman when I hear the term, "magical realism.") And from what I know of your work, I believe you'll be wonderful at this! Can't wait to hear more...Best of luck on this!

Solvang Sherrie said...

I'm excited by the idea! Can't wait to read it!! In your hands, it will be fabulous :)

septembermom said...

Very exciting! I think that would be fun and interesting for you. Hope you go with it :)

Anna Lefler said...

Girl, how do you *do* this?!?

77 pages in the blink of an eye.




P.S. Or at least it seems like the blink of an eye to *me.*

Mandy said...

I am completely intrigued...and can't wait to hear more about this project.

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