Heart Full

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have said this before; I grow redundant.  I don't go looking for reviews of my work.  I don't Google my name, I don't check Amazon ratings, I learned the hard way:  One gets burned.  When a new book comes out, I grow especially nerveless—make fewer trips around the land of blog to protect myself from happening across something I was not meant to see.  Like Georgia in The Heart is Not a Size, I have learned, after all these years, how to manage my anxieties.

Again and again, however, goodness finds me.  Earlier today, a blog comment pointed the way to Solvang Sherrie's kindness.  A few days ago, I stumbled upon these words by S. Krishna (and felt ashamed for not saying thank you sooner).  Just now, while posting my Tinker review on Facebook, I encountered this (oh! goodness!) from dear Melissa of Betty and Boo.  Around my house and in my files are vestiges of other kindnesses.  They are not (will not be) forgotten.

Thank you.


Kelly H-Y said...

So wonderful. And Sherrie is fantastic, isn't she?!

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