My Best Advice Ever (get ready)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Perhaps some of you come to this blog for writing advice (though mostly what I can offer is recommendations of books I've loved or enthusiasm for authors I love...or consolation along this hard journey).  Perhaps some of you come to see whether I'm still dancing (yes, I am—waltzing with smooth-shoes John Larson and rumba-ing with DanceSport owner and choreographer supreme Scott Lazarov), gardening (less than I should, but I've got glamorous purples out there this season), and writing (for every 2,000 words I wrestle to the page, I throw another 10,000 away; please don't let that discourage you in your own endeavors). Perhaps you even come for recipes, but I don't actually use or know that many recipes; I feel my way toward my dishes and have never once embarked on a stacked cake, as my friend Kate Moses regularly does, while writing best-selling books with her other hand.

But what I am about to offer you today is better than all of that, better than anything.  I am about to offer you some housekeeperly advice.  Are you ready?

(Get ready.)

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser totally rocks!!!

(that's it, that's the advice)

I mean, there I was, week after week, trying to get rid of the aftershock of too many hands around a doorknob, and all I ever truly needed was a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  This little item does it all, and I can look fashionable when I use it, thanks to Jan Shaeffer's recent gift of Gloveables...they're lovable (look them up, if you haven't seen them already).

So that's it.  That's what this zany-Zumba-dancing-diva-only-sometimes-half-good-writer-with-the-enviable-irises is offering today.

Take it.

Or leave it.


bermudaonion said...

I agree - I buy Mr. Clean Magic Erasers by the dozen!

Lenore said...

Do you have a collection of apples?! I buy my stepmother an apple every year for christmas. She has one out of glass from Romania, some out of wood from Finland, Tunisia and Cambodia, ones out of ceramic from Poland and Greece, and ones carved from stone from Kenya and Zimbabwe. And more that I am sure I am forgetting.

Oh, and yes - Mr. Clean magic erasers rock!

Beth Kephart said...

See, my blogging friends are ALL smarter than me. Picking up those erasers long before I did.

And yes, a long standing apple collection. One of the most important things to me. And someday I will have my mom's Humpty Dumpty collection, which I helped build through the years and also means the world to me. Those two things... they are defining.

Lilian Nattel said...

Thanks for the tip! That is a solid piece of advice. :)

Mandy said...

Haha, I love it! I was expecting some serious, perhaps writing, advice. Instead, I got some laughs and a cleaning tip. :)

p.s. The apples are gorgeous.

Julia said...

Sounds good.

Windex, however, does stick, especially on remains of spilt Listerine. ;)

Liviania said...

Ah, yes, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Very, very useful.

Kelly H-Y said...

Agreed ... it works wonders!! :-)

Loved the picture you painted of 'wrestling words to the page' ... what a great way to say how tricky it is to find just the right words sometimes!

Q said...

Hee hee, you're so cute.

Florinda said...

My sister's mother-in-law has an apple collection. It's nice when people collect things - it really helps when you want to give them gifts.

I have not tried those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, so I need to put your advice to use!

You know, there are times when I couldn't ask for anything more satisfying than getting something cleaned up.

Vivian Mahoney said...

So funny. The Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are a staple in my household. Perfect to erase all the little fingerprints off walls.

Great advice!

Solvang Sherrie said...

And here I was expecting advice on how to rule the world, literarily of course...I guess that's not a word :)

kate hopper said...

Beth, I love those, as well. They are great for removing crayon from the walls (though I'm sure you don't need them for that.)

Becca said...

I can vouch for those too. They were a lifesaver when we had to clean up after messy house renters!

And who doesn't need a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning?

Beth F said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beth F said...

Well, I need all the housekeeping advice there is. I don't have those erasers. But I'll be looking for them!

Love the apples.

(this comment corrects a spelling error)

grete said...

Beth - Your theories about why readers come to your blog has left out one option.

You wonder if I come here for the recipes? Your dance and (now also) cleaning skills? Your green fingers? Your great photos? Your excellent pen?


And no.

I come here because your name is Beth. Whatever that means. Whatever it means to be a person. A real person. Beyond the skills.

Thanks for daily glimpses into whatever it means to be alive.


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