Zumba Joy

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

She's clear-eyed and blonde, a starlet's face and a body that a dancer of any age would love to have, and on Mondays she joins us for Zumba.  She's lived enough years to have great-grandchildren (she tells us this; we don't believe her; she seems, to us, infinitely young) and you can find her now, before the salsa and hip hop starts, reading a reliably fine book on her Kindle.  I dance beside her and she laughs at me, reminding me, however politely, that I'm just a nudge to the other side of zany.  When the swing goes on, we give it up to her; swing is most definitely her thing.

Yesterday I asked her to tell me about her life, and oh, what a storied life it's been—eight times to Africa, several to Antartica, big restaurant ownership/management in her past, even the running of bookstores.  But she's just one of us when the music goes on, and that's another thing that dance is or does:  it democratizes living.


Julia said...

Seems as if you're having fun. :)

Mandy said...

She sounds fascinating.

Lilian Nattel said...

She sounds like a wonderful role model. I love to meet vibrant and vigorous older people.

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