St. John's Presbyterian Church

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I boast about my church, St. John's, but why shouldn't I?  Some of the best people in the world are St. Johnsians—Juarez-traveling, El Salvador Shelter-supporting, inventive, investing, funny, dancing, kid-rearing, house-building souls.  And it is also the people of St. John's who threw this brunch today for a very special man who has interned with our church these past two years.  This is the way women and men who care send others on their way.  Grace.  Generosity.  The things I learn from my friends at St. John's.


Becca said...

Sometimes I take for granted all the good that goes on behind the scenes in my church. The small things, like helping local families in need with meals or child care or just some extra cash for gasoline, and the big things, like helping to rebuild houses and schools in areas devastated by natural disasters.

Sounds like your church is another such place. And I'm sure there are lots more out there too.

Thanks be.

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