Book worthy?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I struggle to find the time to write—the one hour of no calls, no interruptions.  Earlier and earlier I rise, and still all I manage is to toss more of my own work out.  The book shrinks.  Again, and again, my books shrink.  So many readers have asked why my books aren't longer.

It's because I whittle and winnow until what is left is book worthy. 

I wish I wrote more that I could consider book worthy.


kelly said...

Hi Beth - wanted to say hello at the Blogger's Convention but had to catch a train. Everyone says we must meet (Carla Spataro, Libby Mosier etc) but I think maybe we have? Since we have advertising, writing, and the neighborhood in common. My memory is bad. Anyway. Hello and see you sometime again!

Q said...

I think a story is better with fewer words than more. As a general rule.

Vivian Mahoney said...

There lies the truth--it is such hard work. If only we all had the gift you have with words, to whittle the excess away so our words sing.

Jena said...

I wish more writers whittled and winnowed as well as you.

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