Rope Trick

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In the high heat of the afternoon, I took my father to the horse show, where we watched dogs parade and horses leap, where we took refuge in the shadows of the stables.  When we stopped to watch a traveling magician and his rope trick, I turned at once to this girl who proved herself still capable of surprise, still wholly equipped for astonishment.

I like that in a person.


Sherry said...

It is so nice to come here to your blog to see a little of what you see. You do your readers endless favors.

Susan Taylor Brown said...

I just read your GHOSTS IN THE GARDEN and was simply blown away by it. It was like sitting down to a 12 course meal cooked by a fabulous chef - I wanted it to go on on on. I would read a few lines and then chew on the words, trying to see what you saw which was easy because you were so gifted at painting the pictures for me.

Thank you for this treasure.

Susan Taylor Brown

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