The YALSA Coffee Klatch

Monday, June 28, 2010

On Sunday morning, in a gigantic room at the very beautiful Washington, DC convention center, YALSA conducted its much-anticipated coffee klatch (in which authors are given but a few minutes at each librarian-stoked table to discuss his or her books)—and I, as I have already posted, was a very privileged author participant.

I could say many things—about the kindness of many toward this first time "speed dater," about the dearness of Laura Geringer and Elizabeth Law, who stayed by my side.  But what I want to say right here right now is what a privilege it was to stand among those authors for that hour—to meet the entirely lovely Libba Bray, to share an old reminisce with Laurie Halse Anderson, to see the gracious John Green move among the crowds, to hear a rumor that Rebecca Steadman was among us, to laugh, again, with James Lecesne (note to self:  when in a photography session before many flashing lights, stand next to James; he knows the ropes).

YA authors, YA readers, librarians:  good folk.


Beth F said...

Wow! what a group of authors.

Vivian Mahoney said...

Egmont shared a great photo of you on Twitter (in the company of James Lecesne and Laura Geringer). You looked so fabulous! and happy!

Vivian Mahoney said...

Just found the tweet and photo:

@EgmontUSA RT @EgmontGal My other favorite pic from #ALA10 Laura Geringer, James Lecesne and Beth Kephart
about 15 hours ago via web


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