After a hiatus, I consider writing again

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"You'll never even know that you are taking the antibiotics," the doctor said, and given my size (not quite 105 pounds) and my history with medications (abysmal), I thought, hmmm.

So that perhaps I am the only person ever on whom antibiotics worked a strange kind of un-magic, or maybe it's the heat, or maybe waiting for literary news plays tricks on my mind, but I have not been me for awhile.  Yesterday it took me seven hours to write a client proposal that should have taken half the time.  Two days ago, I was stumbling about in the opening pages of Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury (This is Benjy, I kept reminding myself.  You are not supposed to understand everything at once.)  Every night now, I have either not slept or had terrible nightmares when I tried.  And writing a book, or even a page of a book, seemed a task that only either a fool or an infinitely smarter person would undertake.

Today I am that fool (I know I am no smarter).  Today (give me an hour or three, to warm up even more to the notion), I am going to see what happens when I stare at a page and ask myself, Okay.  So.  What in the world happens next?


Amy said...

love the picture and love the writing!

jinksy said...

The page stares back?

Lilian Nattel said...

Beth I am just amazed at your ability to be prolific--not to mention while having a day job (or on antibiotics!). I still don't know what I'm writing next. The last one took me 6 years following 2 years of working on something I had to put aside and can't be sure I want to get back to.

Holly said...

OH I love The Sound and the Fury.

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