The Tell Me a Secret secrets

Friday, July 30, 2010

When Holly Cupala asked a number of writers to share a secret to help celebrate the launch of her engrossing first novel, Tell Me a Secret, I said (because I adore this woman) sure, having zero idea what I might actually say when the recording light of my computer eye went on.

Something, in the end, got said, a small secret revealed, but far, far better in this secret-revealing video are the pearly somethings unveiled by writers ranging from Melissa Walker to Lisa Yee.  Check it out.


Liviania said...

This is an excellent book promotion - I love hearing the confessions, even if they're small. It's tough to tell secrets.

Lilian Nattel said...

I did check it out--that was fun. And I'm with you on the camera thing.

Beth F said...

Sounds fun -- I'm going to check it out.

Julia said...

I love this as an idea. Will check it out ASAP.

Tell Me a Secret seems like it was possibly the best that has happened to YA shelves in a little while(assuming DN isn't on shelves yet. I read an ARC).

holly cupala said...

Thank you, Beth, for sharing your secret. Isn't she lovely, ladies? I am with Julia - I can't wait for DN, either!

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