Dangerous Neighbors, the sequel?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My friend Adam (he of knowing all-things-garden fame) wrote just now about Dangerous Neighbors, a note that echoed my friend John's note of a while back, and Ed's note of even longer ago, and Mandy's, too.  What they said is their own business.  What it has all made me think is this:  Perhaps, if I am lucky, Dangerous Neighbors will earn its sequel (as I had always hoped Undercover would; I'd planned the whole thing in my mind).  And if it does, I know the story I will tell, I know where I would go, I know how much I would enjoy going and being there.

Time will tell.  I will wait for time.


septembermom said...

I'm glad that you're ready to embark on that journey when the time is right.

Amy said...

I want the sequel! And I want the Undercover sequel as well! :) (and I know some people would like a sequel to The Heart is Not a Size)

Mandy said...

Ohh, that would be fabulous!

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