Giveaway, Girls' Life and Jenny Loves To Read reflect on Dangerous Neighbors

Monday, August 23, 2010

Adventures in Children's Publishing graciously interviewed me last week about Dangerous Neighbors' journey to bookstores, and then offered to run a book giveaway to boot.  Please head on over if you're interested in winning a signed copy of the book (and reading a little bit more about how this story came to be published).

Girls' Life has surprised me with this beautiful review of Dangerous Neighbors today, closing (or nearly closing with the words):  Dangerous Neighbors is a great book about the bond of twin sisters, love, and losing the ones you love most. National Book Award Finalist, Beth Kephart, takes a story set centuries ago and makes it something we can relate to today.

And Jenny (a Philly girl who loves to read whom I only discovered last week with her great Centennial history postings) had endearing things to say about the book as well, concluding her review with a question that made me smile (you'll have to read her review to discover which aspect of the book stumped her), and noting, along the way, This book is full of love, loss, guilt, and peace. This is a tall order to fill but Kephart's writing brings it all together into 192 pages. Yes, 192 pages can you believe it?  


Bee said...

Oh. I wish I could enter but the contest's not international :(

And those are lovely reviews. 192 pages, really? :O

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