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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm thinking that it's the atmospheric pressure, but migraines have been going around in these parts—I get one and then a friend gets one and then we pretend we don't have them, and then our heads hurt.  While I was just now trying to do the very right thing and focus on my corporate work (instead of banging my hurting head against my desk) a friend (who today has a migraine) wrote to tell me that she appreciates it when I make room for humor in my blog.

And I'm thinking:  Me?  Beth Kephart?  Humorous?  I mean, I'm kind of funny looking, but you can't really see that from where you sit, can you?  (Can you?  Tell me you can't.)  Then I remembered this photo that I took while walking through Atlantic City's Tropicana complex the other day.  It's an image of an image of the hotel's house comedian, and right beneath his inviting pose is a name that tugs at my heart:  Bob Kephart.   He may be a distant cousin, this Bob.  He may be an uncle's stepson (well, maybe not).  But whomever he is, he's a Kephart, and aren't all Kepharts related, and doesn't that mean that I still have potentiality (as opposed to potential) when it comes to putting humor on this blog?

I'll report back as soon as my head clears.


septembermom said...

Beth, your blog is a treasure chest of creativity, insight, and yes humor. Love it here!

Hull.Margaret said...

I'm sure there is a relaionship in there somewhere.
You are an awesome Wordsmith.

Sherry said...

Thanks for the smile.

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