An evening with Andrew Bacevich at Villanova University

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yesterday was another day of privileges—a morning spent in a visionary's office reflecting on the fate and future of our city, an evening spent in the company of Villanova University leaders and political commentator/New York Times bestseller Andrew Bacevich (The Limits of Power, Washington Rules) on the occasion of the second Lore Kephart '86 Distinguished Historians Lecture series. 

My father created the series with the hope of generating a sustaining conversation around important issues in our community.  He created the series to honor the memory of my mother.  Last night, again, hundreds of people turned out for the occasion—hundreds—students, faculty, neighboring residents, and long-time family friends.  A year of planning goes into a night like that one, and we Kepharts have a tremendous community at Villanova to thank—a president, Rev. Peter M. Donohue, and a dean, Father Kail Ellis, who spend the evening with us, who charm us; a committee of esteemed historians, including my friend, Paul Steege, who help identify the right lecturer (last year they chose Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. James McPherson); and a staff of individuals who make the evening seamless.

Toward the end of the evening, following a remarkable lecture and passionate Q and A, I received a text message from my son, who is off at school.  His thoughts, he said, were with my mother.  He imagined her looking down in peace.  I did, too.


lib said...

So glad the evening went well. I agree with Jeremy.....your mother, this remarkable woman who I called Aunt Dolores, was looking down in peace. Oh, she is missed.....

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Just saw your good news on Publisher's Marketplace. Congrats!

KFP said...

I say again: what a wonderful, and, from what you have told us about your mother, fitting memorial for her. I'm sure it was a sweet/sad evening for you and your family.

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