The story unfolds

Monday, September 6, 2010

but it only unfolds after you have lived with it for a long time, bargained pieces of it away in exchange for new space, new possibilities.  A story I have now written four times has, at last, lost its tenuous webbing and false bridges.  It has come unto its own.  I traded a 40 year old woman for a 14 year old girl.  I took retrospect and made it present time.  I took two elderly women and gave them a boy to raise.  I took darkness and pierced it with light.  I have thirty pages yet to write.

I will save them, with what I know now, for another sacred day.


Sherry said...

Amazing to know of some of the story's evolutions. What work you've done, B. Congrats!

Becca said...

Boy, does this sound like a good one!

Vera said...

I love reading this as some of my stories have taken just such routes. I believe that sacred stories thrive through insurmountable odds. They are the kind that heal.

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