A weekend of dance

Saturday, October 9, 2010

It has crept up on me—the DanceSport Academy Annual Showcase—a many-hour extravaganza of dance-loving people having fun.  Or, we tell ourselves that it's fun.  Or, afterward, no matter what has happened, we remember it as being fun.  I prefer those waiting-in-the-wings moments, hidden behind the curtain, watching my friends.  I yield, every time, to the camaraderie.  I try to forget that I've been too buried in corporate work to give the performances my rehearsing all.  I'll dance a Viennese waltz with my husband—tune out the nerves, listen for the song.  I'll dance that campy, broom-swinging fox trot with John Larson.  I'll take photographs in between and hope that one or two of them turns out.

The photograph above was taking during a Dancing Classrooms final.  These are children, the flower fallen from her hair.  These are kids, enjoying their now.  I'm going to be thinking about them when I take the stage.  I am going to remember that, no matter what happens beneath the spotlight, it's a lucky thing to have bend in your knees and hope tucked in your heart.


Becca said...

"Or afterward, no matter what has happened, we remember it as fun."

I have so many memories of that sort of "fun" :) It's a curious and glorious thing, the way it always comes together to create a magical memory.


Lilian Nattel said...

I think the photo is lovely, Beth.

Holly said...

Watching from the wings is one of the supreme pleasures of belonging to a dance school. <3

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Sometimes I wonder if we realize how lucky we really are. I'm glad for how often you remind me, Beth.

Holly said...

this picture and the one in the post below are really nice together, if you didn't notice.

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