The gracious Bookslut review of Dangerous Neighbors

Thursday, November 4, 2010

In Colleen Mondor's wonderfully informed Bookslut November round up, she's taking a look at mysteries—books like Double Trouble, Fixing Delilah, Zora and Me, The Painted Secret, and Tell Me a Secret.  I was happily surprised to discover that Dangerous Neighbors was included in the mix, and I am honored.  Colleen clearly puts her heart and soul into every review she writes, every opinion she offers. 

A few words from her November column here:
First and foremost, this is a love story to the Philadelphia of long ago. Kephart has steeped herself in the city’s history and it shows, especially in the detailed way she writes about the Centennial events and displays. But it is also the story of a secret love and how keeping that secret can be especially appealing to a teenage girl -- how it can lead her to forget about everyone else and how watching that secret grow larger and larger can torment those who keep the secret with her. Dangerous Neighbors is about sisters and a city and a whole lot of love and tragedy. While not a thrilling mystery it is a confection of singular depth nonetheless and just as irresistible.


Cynthia Pittmann said...

Great comment about secrets and how they get out of hand, Beth. She connects to your story content well, and why it is a compelling read.

Holly said...

your books are hard to summarize. whenever I read a summary of one of them, I'm surprised: "that's what it was about?" they never seem to me like "topic" books. people books, maybe. this is a book about katherine, or this is a book about elisa. that works for me.

Colleen said...

Holly - YES, they are very hard to summarize! You can imagine how tough it was to get this one reviewed in only a couple of paragraphs! ha!

Lilian Nattel said...

"singular depth"--what a nice way to put it.

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