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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sometimes it takes a day to create a moment.  We had, to begin with, an array of fabulous cheeses and fruits, moved on to homemade butternut squash soup and bruschetta, took a risk with saltimbocca (the risk paid off), asparagus, and fingerling potatoes, and finished with an Amish baker's cheesecake (I have no cheesecake making abilities).  By four o'clock, we were done. 

Tomorrow:  paella.


Kelly H-Y said...

Sounds absolutely lovely.
That new picture of you by the way, sitting next to the pillars, is stunningly gorgeous!!

Julia said...

It's been a while, Beth. This looks lovely.

Happy holidays to you.

Lenore said...

A great day! We made homemade gyoza yesterday. Took 2 hours, but the payoff was delish.

Beth F said...

Sounds lovely -- cheesecake isn't that difficult but nice to have a local source for buying one.

Have a lovely holiday.

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