Moment of Truth

Monday, February 7, 2011

Here's what happens when I finish writing the book that has beckoned and consumed me, sent me into dark corners at ridiculous hours just for the chance to write another word:  I realize that it is now time to take care of many other things.  Client work, for one (though honest to goodness, I mostly keep up).  A good friend's birthday (it has been the snow, mostly, that has gotten in our way).  Taxes (I so don't like that part of my job).  Preparation for all the talks I've promised to give (so many different topics, always).  And a much firmer resolve to stop eating the scrumptious among us, else I'll have to go out in search of a new wardrobe.  (Maybe I should already be in search of a new wardrobe.)

Does it get any easier?  Ever?


Q said...

Nope. But getting easier is not the point.

Lilian Nattel said...

Oh don't give up on the scrumptious. Life is too short. Wardrobes are expendable.

Anna Lefler said...

Your photos are always amazing.

From my perspective here, only knowing your town from your photos, it's a magical place.


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