Some people just have it all going on

Monday, February 7, 2011

You have to love the CEO (I do, at least) who walks down the steps of his own immaculate corporate lobby to lead you up to the meeting.  Who talks (fluently, seamlessly) about the genesis of shirts, the affability of a certain car mechanic, the allure of the farm and the sea (also the fish-stocked stream), and the holism of a certain river before settling into the meeting itself—a review of numbers and themes.  I see this man once a year, maybe twice, if I'm lucky.  What makes him extraordinary is his willingness, always, to grow.  I guess I should mention that he runs an extraordinary company extraordinarily well.  Which isn't precisely beside the point.  It's in addition to.

Some people just have it all, and I'd wager that they're the ones who figured out long ago that personal wealth is not in the end about money.  It's about how we reach toward the world, and how we allow the world to reach back out to us.


Anna Lefler said...

Hmmm, this is not consistent with my memories of client meetings when I was in the communications industry.

Are you saying they gave you the correct building address AND nothing was thrown at you in the parking lot?

I *knew* I was on the wrong team!

;-) A.

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