My new iPad2 carrying case—handmade, with love

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It was my husband who insisted on getting me an iPad2 for my birthday. He was responding to my talk about wanting to make new kinds of books. He was thinking of my shelf space, or lack thereof. I was terrified of the machine, however. I am strongly committed to paper and ink (though I also love trees, clearly muddying my religions). And I had no idea how I would properly use it.

A few days ago I wrote here about my second month with the iPad2—the books I'd read, the experiences I'd had. I still hadn't taken the machine out into the world with me, however—hadn't had the courage to take it so far as, say, the dance studio, where I often sit on my own, waiting for lessons to begin.  I didn't want to scratch or ding it.  I didn't trust it to just sit there.

I remedied the problem by buying this absolutely beautiful, well-made, professionally delivered iPad2 case from a seamstress known as Ani Balan.  Please take a look at her work, which is imaginative and exacting, full of color and joy.  Please believe me when I tell you that her dealings with me with extraordinarily professional and prompt.  My iPad2 fits perfectly into this bright and happy padded sleeve, and I even got an adorable change purse as part of my purchase.

Few things make me happier than supporting artists who do fine work. So thank you, Ani, for this.


Lilian Nattel said...

It's lovely. Enjoy!

Wendy Merron said...

Let us know how your iPad2 changes things. I've been on the fence about getting one...

Anna Lefler said...

That is super-swank!

:-) A.

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