The You Are My Only Giveaway/Armchair BEA

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yesterday, as I wrote below, I had the great privilege of video interviewing Florinda for the Armchair BEA event that is going on all this week long. My great thanks to Chris, Tif, The 1st Daughter, Chrisbookrama, Michelle, Amy, Pam, Emily, and Florinda herself, the organizers of this runaway-hit of a program, for also making room for You Are My Only, which is due out in October, and for facilitating a giveaway of a signed book and poster. There will not be many such giveaways with this book, and so I encourage those who might be interested to head on over and listen to what Florinda has to say about being a book blogger (and what I have to say about my love of and great appreciation for bloggers).

Please note that I donned my Undercover stance with this interview, hiding, for the most part, behind my humidity unstraightened hair.  This was not intentional, but I'm going to pretend that it is.  I write fiction, after all.  Or I do, at least some of the time, when I'm not teaching students how best to tell the truth.

Thanks to Elizabeth Law of Egmont USA for the great camera work.


Nise' said...

I loved the video. It is so great to put faces (and voices) with this great community of book bloggers.

Beth, I wait in anticipation for your new book!

Yesterday, I fess-up to the fact that I am a lurker on your lovely blog and made a promise to come out of that mode and comment! ;o)

The1stdaughter said...

I thought the video was perfect! My hubby even perked up when he heard my name, "hey, is she talking about you?" I had to grin just a bit.

Thank you again, it really was the highlight of my "Armchair BEA" experience!

P.S. Your hair looked great! xoxo

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