The boy: happy abroad

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today, it's just this:  My kid is loving his six weeks of study abroad.  It's the students he has traveled with.  It's the cities—London, Brussels, Amsterdam—where he has gone/will go.  But let me here loudly thank the professor with whom my son is studying—a top global advertising executive, a man with stories, a guy who will go out for a meal with the kids after class and keep on teaching, listening.  He sends the students off to brand museums and into meetings with Saatchi executives. He takes them to Toyota Motor Europe.  He teaches British history, strolls the plaza, keeps his students looking up.

My son refers to this guy by his last name, as if this is the greatest honor a man could earn.  Perhaps it is.


Elizabeth Mosier said...

And that executive is most likely grateful for the ideas and energy his students, including your wonderful son, bring to him!

Becca said...

I love hearing good teacher stories, and I'm so glad your son is reaping the benefits of having one. It's priceless at any age :)

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