On being interviewed at the Brandenburg Gate

Thursday, June 23, 2011

At the Brandenburg Gate, these two girls asked if I might have the time for an interview; they were practicing their English and would be graded on their translation.

What is your name?

What is your work?
I write things.

When did you come to Berlin?

What do you like most about Berlin?
The artist's spirit. The dome. The reconstruction. The artists.  The dome.

What don't you like about Berlin?
Nothing.  Or, perhaps, the thought of leaving too soon.

Where are you from?
Philadelphia in the United States.

Philadelphia?  Philadelphia?

They had recorded me.  I recorded them.  They were gorgeous.


恺欣 said...

Hi Prof K! So glad to read this, it reminds me of my own (unfortunately) inadequately-documented trip to Berlin last summer. This has inspired me :) -- Rachel

Holly said...

my first thought at the title: "wow, Beth Kephart fans at the Brandenburger Tor?!"

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