The Wells Fargo Wagon, Tattoos, and a Brief Snip of an Olympic Horse

Friday, June 3, 2011

Thursday night is the big night at the Devon Horse Show, and so, after negotiating a tres crowded dance floor to learn a new waltz with Jean, I rushed back home and ran down the street to meet my husband, who was taking real photographs (with a tripod and all) among the crowds. Here the Wells Fargo Wagon is getting things started as I stand among the crowds.

In the final image box here I share a brief video snippet from the show itself. These are Olympic horses and riders on an Olympic-caliber course. I'm standing on an overturned bucket and can only capture but part of the course with my little hand-held Sony. But what is really so spectacular is the voice of the Devon Horse Show, to which I've been listening many, many years—it booms at me all day long these two weeks of the year and late into the night.

Photos only ever tell part of the story. This micro-video tells some of the rest. You have to buy a funnel cake, a lemon stick lemon, and a melting ice cream cone to get even closer to the truth. Then you have to take a carousel ride.


Melissa Sarno said...

Did someone say ice cream?

This is all very exciting. I'm glad you get to experience this so close to home.

Anna Lefler said...

I just figured out why I don't have any tattoos: I never stop editing.

;-) A.

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