Intense, Other-Oriented, Keen

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Toward the close of my session with Joan Kaywell's truly welcoming and intelligent University of South Florida class of teachers and writers, Joan asked me how I would describe myself.  Edit yourself into just three words, she said. 

I am, of course, incapable of brevity and so went on about vulnerability and a quest for beauty.  Joan let me stumble about for a bit before she disclosed the words she would attach to me:  Intense, Other-Oriented, and Keen.

When a certain lovely gift arrived from Joan two days ago, there those words were again, as an AKA.  I think Joan probably knows me better than I know myself.

Thank you, Joan.


Melissa Sarno said...

I like that. Three 'perfect' words. :-)

Sarah Laurence said...

How about:

Expansive people need more words and fewer memes. Still, Joan sounds like a good friend and colleague.

Q said...

I agree, those three are excellent. Though there could be more...

Florinda said...

I think she's got you pegged :-).

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