My Baby Turns 22

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How did it happen?  And how did it come to pass that I would be so hugely blessed with a son who, to this day, to this very moment, fills my world with the brightest possible light?


patti.mallett_pp said...

Oh, Beth, I absolutely love, love, love this photograph (and hope it is Large on a wall someplace)!! The Joy-of-Life is so apparent in both of your faces. And, after reading "Z" that boy is buried in my heart, also. It's kind of surprising how often scenes of the two of you pop into my head. (And we know that is the magic of well-placed words!)

"Seeing Past Z...." is a book I wish every parent was required to read. (I need to order two more. Hope I can locate them.) You so hit a Bulls-Eye with that one, Beth!!

patti.mallett_pp said...


Elizabeth Mosier said...

So cute! Happy Birthday to you both!

Becca said...

Aren't they just the most wonderful gifts? And every age brings its own particular blessing.

Happy birthday to your son :)

bermudaonion said...

Happy birthday to your baby! I know how bittersweet these birthdays are - my baby turns 24 at the end of the month.

Anna Lefler said...

OMG - you are BOTH babies!

I love this photo so much.

Happy birthday to your very special man!!



Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your son and best wishes for a wonderful year!

I love what a proud mama you are, it's just is this photo!
You're son is a lucky young man and it sounds like you are a fortunate mom :o)

(I admit I was surprised by the title of this post and figured when I opened it you would explain that you were teasing us...I say this because I thought you were much too young to have a 22 year old child! Seriously! though I don't know your age)

Wendy said...

Oh, look at you, Beth! So young and joyful and clearly enamored!! LOVE this photo :)

kate hopper said...

Beth, I can't believe he's that old! Happy birthday to your dear boy/man and, of course, to you as you remember those early days.

Beth F said...

Look how young you both were! Hope it was a happy day.

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