Small Damages, a horse named Tierra, and a recap of a crazy week

Friday, July 15, 2011

This has been quite a week here at the old household.  Our son returned from his six-week stint abroad, regaled us with photos and stories, then promptly began his internship at a remarkably innovative advertising agency (while filling the coffers with night work at the local theater; last night's midnight showing of the new Harry Potter was, he reports, sold out).  On the Fusion Communications front, six new client possibilities and projects floated in, thanks to our new website, while familiar (and much-loved) clients kept us occupied, too.

In the world of books, both YOU ARE MY ONLY and SMALL DAMAGES came in for page proofing within 24 hours of each other.  YOU ARE MY ONLY (Laura Geringer, Egmont USA, October 25, 2011) is two weeks shy, I'm told, of being sent off to the big printing presses.  SMALL DAMAGES (Tamra Tuller, Philomel, Summer 2012) is headed toward bound galleys.  Both books took me on a journey and hold an immeasurably special place in my heart. I am grateful.

In the hub-bub of it all, we at Fusion created a very small Berlin book for a photo contest we wanted to enter. We didn't have the time, but we had the desire. Let's just say it went down to the wire.

Finally, in the midst of searching for photographs for assorted other purposes, I came again across the picture above, taken earlier this summer at the Devon Horse Show.  She is the living incarnation of the horse, Tierra, who takes a star turn in SMALL DAMAGES.  She'd been out there, it turns out, all along.


Serena said...

sounds like things are going well. glad to hear it.

Anna Lefler said...

Good heavens - that's a full plate!

But I'm glad your plate is full of such wonderful stuff!

And what a gorgeous photo - I love it.

Congrats on everything!



Melissa Sarno said...

Wowsa. Life is full. Keep chugging Kephart!

Lilian Nattel said...

Full and full of wonderful things. :)

Becca said...

Good busy things :) I'm happy for you, and glad to know your son is home and having such a wonderful summer ~ Yay for him!

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