My Friend Amy reflects on YOU ARE MY ONLY

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When one of the most beloved and creative book readers and bloggers around takes the time to read your work, you are grateful. I most certainly and eternally am. Thank you, Amy.

In YOU ARE MY ONLY, Beth Kephart tells the story of a young girl ripped from the life meant for her as a child and raised in captivity with honesty, fairness, tenderness, and most of all hope. It's a story of unusual circumstances with universal application—no matter how dark and difficult life may seem, the hope for something more is always within reach. Breathtaking in its beauty and with great heart, YOU ARE MY ONLY brings readers the story of a kidnapped young girl that they will never want to forget.
Amy Riley, My Friend Amy


Anna Lefler said...

This is lovely - what a fantastic endorsement!

I can't WAIT for this one, Beth.



Florinda said...

When I saw Amy last month, she was raving about YOU ARE MY ONLY already and asking if I'd read it yet. I'm waiting till closer to pub date, but it's getting more difficult to hold off!

Lilian Nattel said...

A good friend to have!

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