Let the voice take you where it will

Monday, September 26, 2011

If I have learned anything from the last many weeks of struggle with a novel, it is to trust (again) in the organic.  To step away from what I thought this book was, what it should be, so that the book might reveal itself to me.  Preconceptions have never served me well.  Discipline only takes one so far.  I could move forward with this novel only after I finally stopped.  Stopped sitting here.  Stopped poundings keys.  Stopped endlessly jamming scenes into scenes into scenes. 

You tell me, I finally said to this book.  And because I was listening, it did.

Take it apart.  Put it back together.  Let the story lead the way.


Karen Mahoney said...

Oh, I am right in that very same place.

I stepped back and just listened, after weeks of trying to force the book to be something I *thought* it should be.

Sending you good thoughts...


Lilian Nattel said...

That may be why you're prolific and I'm not--I have not yet learned that in weeks. It takes me months...years.

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