The Main Line Comes Out in Force for Elizabeth Mosier's Book Party

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Elizabeth Mosier has been celebrating the launch of her novella "The Playgroup" this week, and this afternoon friends from all corners of her life gathered in appreciation of both her work and her spirit.

I came home with 114 photographs and share but a handful of them here.  There's Chris, Libby's cupcake-stacking husband. There's Libby's youngest, Cat, on the right, tempting the rest of us with treats.  There's Libby herself, reading to those who gathered, and, below her, her eldest, Alison, listening to words long-wrought and savored.  Finally, among the cast of mothers, teachers, friends, and writers stood Kelly Simmons, whose second novel, The Bird House, I loved, and Lynn Rosen, the creator of the fabulous Open Book series. 



kelly said...

So much fun to celebrate with Libby and see everyone.
The first chapter of The Playgroup is hilarious!

Elizabeth Mosier said...

GREAT photos! You have such a good eye for the right moment. I had a blast. I have such good friends! xoxo

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