Fashion Disaster at Wissahickon High

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yesterday, thanks to the kindness of Gary Kramer, I was included in WissLit, a Wissahickon High School television program dedicated to the literary arts.  Every single time I step into a school I think how lucky I am that my life has led me to a place where, every now and then, I can look over the shoulders of others toward the future.

Wissahickon High School is very large and very beautiful.  I needed an escort to get out.  A young man was called, and soon he appeared—in lime green leotards, bright red shoes, a Thing One wig (in black), gangly neck wear, and other necessary apparel.  I tried to be polite.  He tendered an explanation.  "It's Fashion Disaster Day," he said.  "I try to show a little school spirit."  Then he offered to carry my bag and proceeded to hold open every door and walked me straight up to the front office, even though (at one point in our mile-long sojourn) I could find that for myself.

Manners, these days.

Thank you for the hospitality, Wissahickon High (and Jessi and the crew of WissLit).


Matt Heppe said...


You were wonderful to interview! You made my job easy. Thanks for coming on WissLit.

Sorry about the sign-off (or complete lack of one)! Jessi will do some editing magic and it will look great.

Best of luck with YOU ARE MY ONLY!


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