This Happened

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The weather (for it is raining here) will not beat me on this day. 

This happened.

I went to the dance studio after a day of crazy pressures.  I went with my hair weather fizzy, my pants gutter splashed, my toe nails unpainted, my T-shirt too short (thank you, aggressive dryer cycle).  I just went, and I was me, and you are getting the picture.

I have danced for four years now, something like that.  I have worked hard, and I have yearned, but every lesson is a reminder of how much I do not know, how great is the list of things I cannot perfectly do.

Today, in the middle of a lesson, sweaty by now with the humidity of the place, listening to the music, dancing rumba, Jan said, "Beth.  You have become a good dancer."

All right. That's it.  It happened.  I put it here.  It may not happen again for a very long time.  


Melissa Sarno said...

That is something to celebrate :)


Hello there Beth
I couldn't leave your blog without saying a simple 'thank you' -
for your truly inspirational and beautiful blog.
I am only just beginning the journey of being a first-time author, so I have a glimmer of understanding of your years of amazing dedication.
Congratulations and good luck with your next book.
Kind regards,
Caryl Moll (aka 'MAXMOM in South Africa')

Serena said...

Wonderful. I can see you smile...shyly at the compliment while still modestly denying that you are.

Lilian Nattel said...

How wonderful to see your work rewarded.

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