Invited to her Thanksgiving table

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Best of the year, best of the genre, best of right now lists proliferate at this time of year.  I love seeing what others have loved, what they will not forget but carry forward.  I myself am rather incapable of such sorting.  So much moves me.  So much matters.  So much registers within me as special.

But today a different kind of list made its way to me, thanks to the keen eye of the ever-dear Serena Agusto-Cox.  It's a list that was fashioned by the one and only Danielle of There's a Book.  It's an invitation I would most definitely accept, if I only lived 3,000 miles closer.  It is, indeed, a most gracious tendering.

Thanksgiving, indeed.


Wendy said...

Lovely indeed! I should add, you would always be welcome at my Thanksgiving table, Beth :)

Serena said...

Indeed, I agreed with Danielle! Beth would always be welcome at my table...and I do live closer! LOL Wendy that invitation is open to you and that lovely hubby of yours as well.

Beth F said...

What a lovely invitation. Hope your holiday and visit with the boy are wonderful.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

You (and 11 other authors) are invited to my table, if you ever come through Chattanooga:

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