a few cautions, now, about the wily "I"

Monday, January 23, 2012

The thoroughgoing first person is a demanding mode.  It asks for the literary equivalent of perfect pitch.  Even good writers occasionally lose control of their tone and let a self-congratulatory quality slip in.  Eager to explain that their heart is in the right place, they baldly state that they care deeply about matters with which they appear to be only marginally acquainted.  Pretending to confess to their bad behavior, they revel in their colorfulness.

Tracy Kidder


Serena said...

I love the photo here.

Saints and Spinners said...

It's hard to tell the truth from the point of view of "I."

This photo reminds me of when I was 14, waiting for my date to arrive, and not wanting to do any work (washing dishes, cleaning up). My grandmother said to my mother, "She's just sitting there, looking at her nails." I was deeply affronted because it was true.

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