I love knowing famous people (and the power of young adult fiction)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Okay, so.  Yes.  I'm behind.  I'm behind on everything.  I'm behind on the dusting, the laundry, the reading, the friendships, the blogging, the book writing, (not the taxes, though), (not the Easter presents), (not the clients), and so and therefore and thus, I didn't see this New York Times conversation on the power of young adult fiction until today.  Even though it was posted March 28th. 

That's how behind I am.

It doesn't matter.  I can still sing and shout a little here.  Because check out the teen blogger who has entered the conversation.  Her name is Emma Allison.  She's from Canada.  Her blog is called Booking Through 365.  And just days ago, she reviewed Dangerous Neighbors.

I love knowing famous people.


Emma said...

Hi Beth, wow, I suppose it would have been a nice coincidence to see me in the NYT site after knowing I reviewed your novel! Thank you so much for the plug, and I greatly appreciate all your interest and lovely comments. Please feel free to look me up whenever you need blog reviewers in the future.

Serena said...

Wonderful conversation and links. Glad that YA is getting good attention

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