I will see Bruce Springsteen live: a bucket list dream answered

Monday, April 23, 2012

This is the glorious Asbury Park, a photograph taken in winter three years ago.  The Stone Pony is off the boardwalk to the left.  A glassblower is staying warm beside his fire.  Beth is singing behind the camera.

Springsteen, as readers of this blog know, has played a central role in my creative life.  I love and live by many of his songs. He takes me to a thrumming place.  I own the albums.  I know the words.  I dance alone.  I have seen his band play live.  I have not, despite a life-long yearning, seen him.

In September, that will change, thanks to an early morning ticket purchase.  I will be on the field at Citizen's Park.  I will see, at long last, Springsteen for myself.

There are no words.



So excited for you, Beth. I am sure you don't know that I am more than a Bruce fan. I am a lifelong disciple and student of the man and his magic. I didn't buy tickets yet for the stadium shows. I've seen two shows on the WRECKING BALL tour-- one in Philly, one at the Garden here in NYC-- and I couldn't begin to count how many shows I've seen since my first when I was 16 yrs old back in the days of the cavemen. There is nothing like Bruce. No one writes like Bruce. I connect with his soul in so many emotional ways. I'm sure you understand that feeling, that depth, that love. And Bruce LIVE? Greatest Gift Ever. I hope you get in the pit and I hope you get as close to possible to making that human touch with the lovely object of our mutual passion. {}

--- Pamela Ross

bermudaonion said...

I hope his concert exceeds your expectations.

Serena said...

What a fun concert experience. I hope you have a great time.

Melissa Sarno said...

I can't think of anything better than seeing your favorite singer live. I'm trying. And I really can't.

And is Bruce a Jersey/PA thing? On Long Island, it was always, always Billy Joel (he went to my high school). I feel there is an unspoken rivalry between these sets of fans.

Richard Gilbert said...

Like everybody, Thunder Road is my favorite, such yearning caught from the first lines: The screen door slams/Mary's dress waves/she comes dancing across the porch as the radio plays. But the whole Darkness on the Edge of Town is his masterpiece!

kelly said...

"Roll down the window
and let the wind blow back your hair"

I finally saw him 6 years ago. There is nothing like standing with 20,000 people who all know the words to your favorite songs.

Florinda Pendley Vasquez said...

Thrilled for you--and envious! I don't actually have a "bucket list," but if I did, seeing The Boss live would be on it. I knew there was yet another reason I liked you :-D.

Okie said...

That's awesome. I'm super jealous. Enjoy the show. I'm sure it will be faboo. :)

Sherry said...

Just read this.
I am SEEING HIM TONIGHT for the first time.
Is anyone alive out there?
The answer is "Yes" Bruce!

Mandy King said...

How fun! There's nothing better than seeing a favorite musician live.

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