Last Day: English 135.302

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We came together in search of something—
words, perhaps, or stories,
a path toward or beyond.

We emerge united in our understanding of what
truth is and
why it matters.

Around a thick, old table, we sat,
we wrote,
we listened.

We will remember.

A fond farewell to my beautiful students and to a semester I will not forget.


Serena said...

Wonderful goodbye. I've added the link to this poem to the Mr. Linky for the National Poetry Month Blog Tour. I hope you don't mind. I really liked it and wanted followers of the tour to read it.

Parrish Lantern said...

Loving the sentiment expressed here, thanks for sharing.

In the interstice
between sleepiness
And slumber,hope
flexes muscle, pumps
the hearts blood,
drags taught, the
wings feather-

and dreams take flight


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