Small Damages: the Two Heads Together review

Monday, April 30, 2012

I had a weekend of goodness—friendship, books, and sun, a crowd of azaleas on a woodsy path, the film "Kolya," (oh!), the book Inside Out & Back Again (breathtaking), simple meals that turned out just fine, the weeds gone from (most) of the front garden.

Enough for anyone.  Enough for me.  But this morning the overwhelming goodness continues, as I discover the ineffable generosity of Ed Goldberg, who read Small Damages one day after he received it, and wrote these stunning words the following day on Two Heads Together, the blog that he writes with his Susan.

Ed, you have buoyed me from the very start of my young adult writing career.  I am and will always be so grateful.


Serena said...

I will wait to read these reviews...until I read your book

Miguel Pestana said...

hi Beth

I'm from Portugal and i really liked this blog.

I'm blogger too and i do revies from books there.

My blog link:


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