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Sunday, May 13, 2012

It will take me a long time to process the beauty of these past three days.  Tonight, arriving home, my camera full of images forever blurred from the shaking of my hands, I want only to thank those who joined us to celebrate our son's graduation from a school he has loved.  I want to thank my friends, who have written and sent cards.  I want, too, to thank (in that odd, stranger's way of thanking) Aaron Sorkin, who spoke with such eloquence at the ceremony, such heart and honesty.  There is a kind of intelligence that doesn't take itself for granted.  There are words that are not just crafted but felt.  Aaron Sorkin argued for a certain kind of transcendence today.  He was the perfect speaker for an emotional day. 

We are grateful.

I am grateful.


Maya Ganesan said...

:) Congrats to him! What a wonderful, wonderful experience.

Jeanie Ashburn said...

I attended my nephew's graduation yesterday and thought of you and Bill and Jeremy as I started to tear up at, yes, "Pomp and Circumstance." I'm really happy for you.

A.S. King said...

Huge love and congratulations to the whole family. Giddyup!

Serena said...

Congrats...ah, it has finally arrived.

patti.mallett_pp said...

Perfect. . . . as is your due.

KFP said...

Ah, thanks for these photos of a graduation at my beloved university and the same exact wonderful school to boot (it will be in his heart forever). And, not only because I am an alumna but also as a fellow mom (and I feel, a kindred spirit as a mom with you in so many ways, from all you have written) as well as an admirer (who feels like she knows your son from all you have shared about him.)...you know I am so CELEBRATING WITH YOU!

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