The sun sets on Philadelphia

Monday, May 14, 2012

Last Thursday evening, I hopped a train and made my way to Philadelphia's 12th and Market Streets, then rode the elevator all the way up to the top floor of what was once known as The PSFS Building.  (I will always think of this building that way.)  We were there to celebrate Buzz Bissinger's new book, Father's Day (I wrote about how much I loved this book here), and to support the Spells Writing Lab, a non-profit organization that (in its words) "develops the creative and expository writing abilities of school-age children through free, fun, and imaginative writing programs and teacher development opportunities."

It was good to see Buzz after too many years, to at long last meet his big-hearted son, Zach, and to make a new friend in a young social media whiz named Staci Bender, who created Slice Communications. It was good, too, to watch the sun set over the city I love. To the east, the Delaware River and New Jersey.  To the west, William Penn and the Schuylkill River. These photographs were taken through the bend of window glass just a minute apart.  How full of character the skies were.  How lovely the occasion.


Melissa Sarno said...

Oh so pretty. This book sounds fantastic. I've officially run out of space on my shelves! I hope it is at the library.

Serena said...

sounds like a great event and I love the usual

KFP said...

Yesterday my husband and I drove our youngest son to NYC for a flight out of JFK and on the way back were totally captivated by the first several chapters of the audio version of Father's Day which I somehow managed to snag at a bookstore even though the publication date is not until tomorrow May 15 (?). Can't wait to hear the rest plus I'm planning to attend Buzz Bissinger's talk and get signed book this Wednesday night 5/16 at Free Library of Philadelphia. Been waiting for this. Maybe I will see you there.

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