The Blue-Eyed Horse. The grace of youth.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Things haven't been altogether "ordinary" in my world of late.  Small concerns accumulating into larger ones, and whatnot.  I have felt a bit like this blue-eyed horse.  Not quite right but fiercely committed to, well, tomorrow and the day after that.

So that it gave me great comfort today to reach out to some of my former students—to ask for permission (official permission) to share excerpts of their work in HANDLING THE TRUTH, my memoir-making book.  I could not exaggerate these students' beauty, nor their very essential-ness.  I couldn't be more excited about bringing out a book that consecrates, in part, their talent.  A teacher steps into a classroom and the gifts come roaring at her.  These students, all of my students, have been gifts, so exponential. 

As is, of course, my son. Here at home applying for jobs, building his portfolio, contemplating the creation of a blog. Several times today he left the room where he works to join me in the room where I work, simply and only to say, "Hey.  I love you." 

I have been given so much in this life.  I am gigantically aware of my blessings.

The grace of youth.


patti.mallett_pp said...

Just taking in all that you wrote as I prepare to tuck into bed. So happy for your many blessings, dear woman. xo

Serena said...

I hope that "Wiggles" will be as endearing as your son when she grows up and tell me she loves me randomly during the day!

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