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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

As many of you know, I submitted the first full draft of Handling the Truth to the Gotham team yesterday. Slipped the pages toward Lauren Marino who will, I know, bring her great mind to the work, to the ideas.

Just as I was in the process of doing that, I received a beautiful email from a mother, prayerful soul, and blogger about Seeing Past Z, a memoir I published years ago.  Seeing Past Z was motivated by my hope, as a mother, that we might yield to our children more time to imagine, more time to be.  It was inspired by the years I spent reading and writing with my son and, ultimately, with the children who began to come to my home to explore stories and their making.

It was, I'm saying, my first book about words, and Missy K was delivering it back to me on a blog she calls A Daily Portion.  Her ruminations on this book, and her careful reporting on my own life since it was published, are so quietly, so compellingly rendered.  They touch me deeply.

I share them with you today, with the hope that you will make A Daily Portion part of your daily habit.  It will be worth your time.


Missy K said...

Ah, but the great good news in this post is "the first full draft of Handling the Truth."

Thank you Beth. The privilege is surely all mine.

Becca said...

I so enjoyed those “ruminations.” I think my son and daughter in law would love Seeing Past Z - they are quite firm in their conviction that their son will have plenty of time for happy house of “moodling" in his childhood, a conviction I fully support.

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