a happy Small Damages day

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I feel blessed today by the news (thank you, Jessica Shoffel) that Small Damages appears in Bella, an adult lifestyles magazine, as a Hot Beach Read.  It's thrilling crossover placement for a book that I do believe is right for teens and adults alike, and it's especially fun to have a Hot Beach Read, as several chapters of the book do take place along the Jersey Shore.  Thank you, Renee J. Fountain, for including me on this fantastic list.

I am also so very grateful for these words in Fikt Shun—a truly beautiful blog.  And, finally, to learn that the LA Times Summer Reads list has been syndicated again, this time in the Green Bay Post-Gazette.


lady reader said...


I'm super stoked about Small Damages as well. I adore Rachel and her blog, FIKTSHUN. I thought the post was superb!

Happy Friday!

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