Kristi Yamaguchi Talks With Jennifer Brown at the BEA

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When I mentioned to friends that I had seen Kristi Yamaguchi at the BEA, I heard a collective sigh.  Yamaguchi is that kind of loved—a talented athlete, a dedicated artist, a philanthropist, a wife, a mother, the sort of celebrity one hears only good things about.  I had grown up figure skating, which means I had grown up watching Kristi.  And when she danced with Mark on Dancing With the Stars, I—a lover of ballroom dance (if not precisely a ballroom dancer)—watched with special fervency.

The tremendous Jennifer Brown, the children's book editor for Shelf Awareness and a very dear soul, had the honor of interviewing Kristi at the BEA about Kristi's second Poppy book.  I was on hand to write the story for Publishing Perspectives.  You can find the piece here.


Melissa Sarno said...

Fantastic article! I'm now having great memories of watching Kristi Yamaguchi skate. And that wild and craaaazy Midiori Ito always threatening with that Triple Axel! And now. I must know. Where is Midori Ito? Writing children's books in Japan I hope.

Liviania said...

I wish I could've been there. She's one of my childhood heroes.

Serena said...

I just loved Kristi as a skater

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